Dr. Gundry Complaint, Polyphenols and Olive Oil, MCT Oil – what to get, Vaccine detox Nattokinase

Fast Health Tips – Where to get Polyphenol rich olive oil other than Gundry since his customer service as of 3/15/2023 is horrible. Found a great company using the same trees in Morocco. Also MCT Oil info many gurus aren’t telling you. You need MCT 8 or 10 ONLY for fast ketone production. NEVER MCT 12 as 12 stands for carbon molecules and MCT 12 does not go right to the Liver, bypassing digestion, for instant creation of ketones. Also if you took the vaccine or know anyone who did, protect yourself and loved ones with Vaccine detox – the gold standard as Dr. Peter A. McCullough calls it – Nattokinase. You can buy anywhere, no prescription needed.
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