About News Variable And Mal Antoni

About News Variable And Mal Antoni

I live in Hollywood Florida. Formerly lived in Frisco Texas, and before that, as you can tell from my accent, New York. Born and raised in Brooklyn.  News Variable is here to just say it. No fear. From day one the Leftists banned my vids. Took them down from YouTube…. because you are not allowed to go against the rising American Marxist regime.  If you dare state facts, corporate media detests you and bans you. So from me to all of them, go F*ck yourselves.  I’m going to stay true to the facts, my beliefs. God, and freedom and will exercise my Constitional right to speak freely regardless of the scum that are in power.  I am Sgt A, an editor now over at Whatfinger News as well.  So if you have cool content to post let me know. You can write me at editor@whatfinger.com (Put on it attn Sgt A)  or my own email for News Variable I use is  newsvariable@gmail.com (Yeah…I know it’s Google that hates me and Conservatives. I need to find an email platform obviously)

See the full intro and outro I had created for the show below…. It is too long though, mentioning the town where I live (Hollywood, Florida since 2021, before that I was in Frisco Texas, then before that New York)

Mal Antoni

News Variable

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NewsVariable  (I don’t use much yet but will)

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