Levi’s Jeans, Target, Bud, Adidas… How Patriots Are Fighting Back Against The Woke BS

Woke companies are hiring fools to do their marketing. As they cater to the 1% or less of the population that looks at some ugly male in a bikini and goes ‘Oooh’, the vast majority of us just puke. And now, we take action. Bud no more, Target, Disney, hey you all want to play the grooming game and force your deviant world-view on us, we will avoid you like the plague. How’s that for a deal. You can’t make us give you our money.
News videos used in this fast clip can be found at: How Patriots Are Fighting Back Against All Things Woke! – Today’s Super-Thread on Woke Stupidity With Joe Rogan Clip https://daily.whatfinger.com/how-patriots-are-fighting-back-against-all-things-woke-todays-super-thread-on-woke-stupidity-with-joe-rogan-clip/

The News Variable Show, with Mal Antoni hosting… Now here on Rumble. All controversial statements by Mr. Antoni are his own opinions. If you don’t like them, don’t watch. If you are one of those nut cases who watch just to complain, get a life or stick to fake news. We have no time for your BS. America needs patriots that just say it like it is. If you don’t like it, too damn bad.
——DISCLAIMER: This show contains opinions of the host and guests and is meant for entertainment purposes only. News Variable provides information and the sources where it was obtained. Viewer discretion is advised. Email for any reason – newsvariable@gmail.com

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