America is now going off a cliff. No way to stop it? Senate is the last stand… Fast clips

Only a question of how many years, 2-4 maybe, before our dollar is trashed and economy smolders, just like the Deep State wants. Only the Senate stands in the way, and the corrupt Republican leader there is worse than the House, as he gets most of his money from his wife’s family business – in Communist China. Yes – we are that screwed. Traitors are everywhere. They stab at America’s heart non-stop to enrich themselves. If things go up, remember them all, Democrat and Republican.

The traitors of both parties have stabbed us all in the back. They want America to fall. The fake Speaker lied about not funding the IRS. The Marxists have won yet again. Lord Obama rules America while Biden and Obama’s staff do as they are instructed. America is nearly gone in terms of freedom. The debt is about to explode so insanely that YOUR taxes will be raised massively. Some estimates are 90% within 2 years as we cannot pay the bills. Everything will be going up. All prices. Quality of life will decline. Freedom will be almost gone as armed IRS agents come to your front door. This is the Democrat Way. The Marxist Way as they infuse Trans and racist teachings all over America to try to cause another Civil War like the last one the Democrats started when they did not want to give up their slaves.

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