Angelina Jolie’s daughter saved from sexual torture, aka ‘Gender Affirming Care’

The nut cases on the Left wanted to ‘gender affirm’ the poor girl, who thought she was a boy once. Gender Affirmation on anyone under 18 should be child abuse and criminal in every state in America, as the children who undergo the sexual torture are 82-90% more likely to attempt suicide and well over 85% deeply regret having the ‘Affirming Care’ done. Don’t you love how the Marxists change the name of sexual torture from what they do, which is take off body parts, to ‘Gender Affirming’. By their own words, all Tomboys should be forced to become boys through surgery. They are sick people. Angelina Jolie’s daughter is one such example. Thank God time went by and they did NOT listen to Democrat scum who would have sexually abused the child. That’s all we’re saying – let them be adults first, then decide.

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