Kamala Harris – the Next President Of the U.S. After the election – what in the hell?

As of now this woman is a lock for President once Joe steps down for ill health shortly after the election of 2024. This, assuming the Deep State low life Republicans Do nothing to stop the voter fraud system in place right now. This woman can’t even come up with some new lines, or get a good writer. It is like a joke on this country a she cares not. They have the media, the have the Deep State that makes sure she cannot be voted out, and here we have it. The Next President of the U.S. Poor Hillary must be fuming since Harris will be the first female POTUS in Lord Obama’s 4th term in office, coming soon. Or, maybe in fantasy world, we get Republicans who get a spine and do something for voter integrity.

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Kamala Harris greatly appreciates that statement.

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