FBI Deputy Director Gets Humiliated At Hearing, ‘Shut Them Down’ clips…

The FBI is doing all it can to imitate the KGB. Everything Leftists control, they destroy. All respect is being lost for our once great FBI, as Wray and others act like they are Gods, even before Congress. As many have called them, perhaps this is exact to the Praetorian Guard taking over and actually appointing Emperors. Seems exact to how the Deep State just appointed Biden, no? NO ONE who has the ability to think or see, thinks Biden actually got 81 million vote, so we know we are now in a virtual dictatorship. That is why Wray and others of the FBI and CIA are so damned smug when questioned.

From one of the clips shown in this News Variable – –
Sen. Hawley: “Why don’t you just release it? Is it classified?”

FBI Deputy Director Abbate: “The document is not classified.”

Sen. Hawley: “Will you commit to releasing this unclassified document that alleges that the President Of the United States has taken $5 million in bribes from a foreign nation?”

FBI Deputy Director Abbate: “The document contains sensitive information.”

Links and additional vids on the FBI can be found at source link- https://choiceclips.whatfinger.com/2023/06/14/fbi-deputy-director-gets-humiliated-at-hearing-shut-them-down-clips/

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