The FBI and DOJ Are Setting Us Up Again – Trump’s Life Is In Danger

Biden Admin is pressuring Secret Service to NOT protect Trump as needed right now…. Dan Bongino – Are they going to try to kill him like Kennedy and RFK since many of us believe this is the only way to stop the Deep State’s complete exposure come election time. If they steal again, all America will know, they will not be able to hide the Deep State dictatorship ever again… Sgt A (for those who do not know that the CIA killed RFK as well as his brother, the President, see under the video…
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Top GOP Senator Ron Johnson SNAPS on Biden Regime over Trump indictment: “The FBI, the DOJ, interfered in the 2016 election, in the 2020 election, and here we go again: there’s going to be interfering in the 2024 election.”
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