President Trump – Tucker Carlson is Exactly Right! We must win on Nov 5, 2024

President Trump responds to Tucker’s vid. Link is below for Tucker’s awesome vid from last night, it is Episode 4. It is up to us all to save this nation. Ballot harvest everywhere – even in 99% Republican districts. Do as the Marxists /Democrats do. Get them all ready so when the Communists lose all of the states, then come in at 3 am with all of their fake ballots, then you submit your ballots to save this nation. YOU MUST DO THIS FOLK… Tell everyone…

Tucker’s Last Episode – – Tucker Carlson – Ep. 4 Wannabe Dictator – Yes that’s Joe Biden Other Tucker Episodes… Tucker dropped his 3rd episode, ignoring Fox as Trump is arrested for nothing Tucker Carlson – shows 1 and 2 with some commentary…. we’ll post them all – News Variable

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