Matt Gaetz Slams Durham. ‘Durham is part of the COVERUP!’ BAM…

I think at this point we all know we were scammed and played by the Deep State. No other way to see it at this point. Matt makes more sense than anyone else in the hearing today with Durham. Jordan as usual sounds good, but it all rings hollow as he talks and talks and does nothing. All part of the Deep State plan, is it not? To placate our nation and waste time. That’s why the Republicans have been in power since January, supposedly and still have not called Fauci to testify, or the 51 Intel scammers that lied to stop Trump, or how about voter fraud? NOTHING is happening anywhere. It is all a scam on this nation. Matt Gaetz – we can trust obviously. How many others? I no longer even trust MTG (Marjorie Taylor Greene) as she is also a talker and does all she can to support Deep State McCarthy and his stonewalling, and obstruction in everything American needs and wants.

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