RINO traitor Lindsey Graham—continuing to backstab President Trump and MAGA

This News Variable covers voter fraud as well as the RINO low life Senator Graham. Graham is just a traitor as Ultra MAGA says. He is the snake Trump speaks of in his poem he loves to recite. Anyone doubt it? Now MAGA knows and will not forget, so this man is no longer wanted in any way. He has no political future unless they manage to steal the election for him next time, which you know can always be done.

The Hodge Twins ask the question many Americans ask. Why did Trump invite Graham on stage. Answer is HE HAD TO! Seriously folks. The truth is we still have a Deep State in charge. They can and will kill even Presidents. For Trump to be elected, he has to make deals with them or guaranteed he will lose. It is mathematically impossible for Trump to win the election in 2024, even if he gets 90% of the vote in every state. Why? Because actual votes mean nothing when they have the machines and fake ballots at 3 am, in every state. In 2020 Biden was given about 20 million fake votes. Many by fake ballots sent by the truckload, but many just electronically fake, a hack… They did this even in Texas where Lindell’s people showed they literally stole over 1 million votes – and this was in Texas where Trump still won. Get it?

Trump will win if this were a real vote, as if we were still a free nation. But we are no longer a free nation. Elections are fixed and if this is a case of the Deep State going totally Marxist and Globalist, they will steal 2024 as well and it does not matter how many votes Trump can get.

Knowing this, now you understand the situation Trump is in. Graham is Deep State, just as Romney and other low lives are. They do as they are told, and if Trump is to get elected, he has to convince the very Deep State that he pledges to destroy, to let him win. Either that or we are headed for a real revolution. – Sgt Pat

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