America Sold Out. Marxism Wins Again. Debt Deal makes debt 36 Trillion in 2 years

So here we have it. The Deep State has decided to bankrupt the United States with debt. Next year our maintenance on the debt (our national credit card payments) will be larger than what we spend on the military. Your taxes will be raised well into the 90% range to pay for Democrat Scams world-wide – including Ukraine and paying for all migrants (each costs us over 32K per year in costs for crime, cell phones, food, shelter, schools, etc). The end of America as we now know it is within sight. Biden and the Marxists and Globalists along with the Federal Reserve are doing everything to topple the U.S. dollar and our economy. They do not fear elections as they are now fixed. They do not fear you and ae doing all they can to make you afraid.

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America Sold Out. Conservatives Sold Out Yet Again. Marxism Advances In All Ways. Deal makes debt 36 Trillion in 2 years

Here are the 7 Things in Biden’s Debt Limit Deal That Have Conservatives Saying McCarthy ‘Caved’

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