The Vaccines Saved NO ONE…. the more people vaccinated, the more they got Covid

The powers in charge did not listen to science. They played politics to steal the election. They let millions dies when we had and have the tools to treat them all. Ivermectin for one, saved millions all over the planet from Covid. Yet our corrupt CDC, FDA and government did all they could to not let people be cured and saved. Why is the question we must all ask. The answer is for money and for power. Why else… They did have an election to steal and power to consolidate on the orders of the evil WEF Globalists.
Links used in the show…
The Vaccines Saved NO ONE…. the more people vaccinated, the more they got Covid, in every nation

Dr. Naomi Wolf’s site – Daily Clout – with enough info to bury Big Pharma and the Marxists and anyone who pushed the Covid vaccines on America and the world

Steve Kirsch’s Substack – This man is all over the topic and has exposed the CDC and FDA for their lies and ties to Big Pharma. He has called them all out, and they always run and hide.

Dr. Malone – Substack – Also another person who had Covid, had the shots and suffered from it all, the vaccine included. This is someone who helped create the mRNA tech to begin with and he says DO NOT take the vaccine if you are under 60 years of age, for any reason and definitely never allow a child to take it.

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