Leftist ESG policies are DESTROYING America by Design. The Democrat Plan Is Working

RED ALERT if you have funds in Mutual Funds or other investment vehicles using the major companies. Far-left politicians pushing ESG into ever sector of our free market (it’s could hit electricity hard this summer, get ready for black and brownouts even in Texas) The saddest part of all of this is we as patriots will not go into Target again, we will not buy Bud again, many will no longer allow their kids near Disney… but our enemies want this. They actually planned to destroy these companies as they are symbols of America’s greatness and past. Marxist policy is to destroy everything, and they are winning. So as we boycott these morons, know that the Democrats are smiling and happy that we move against our own companies. Damned unreal to have the Democrat Party infest this nation as they do. They truly are like a virus.

Links/vid clips used or mentioned in the vid…
Here’s why so many companies are going woke, letting them get destroyed… ‘They have to!’ – WOW! https://choiceclips.whatfinger.com/2023/05/27/heres-why-so-many-companies-are-going-woke-letting-them-get-destroyed-they-have-to-wow/

Leftist ESG policies are DESTROYING oil & gas ON PURPOSE https://choiceclips.whatfinger.com/2022/05/20/leftist-esg-policies-are-destroying-oil-gas-on-purpose/
The Great Rest (Book) https://www.amazon.com/Great-Reset-Biden-Twenty-First-Century-Fascism/dp/B09RRNW7XF/ref=sr_1_3?adgrpid=1330409643018256&hvadid=83150674962794&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=65448&hvnetw=o&hvqmt=e&hvtargid=kwd-83150967177498%3Aloc-190&hydadcr=21874_10484566&keywords=the+great+reset&qid=1685234335&sr=8-3 – this one is Glenn Beck’s but a second one with the same title is also a read you need to do… in my opinion
The Great Reset – by Alex Jones https://www.amazon.com/Great-Reset-War-World/dp/1510774041/ref=sr_1_1?adgrpid=1330409643018256&hvadid=83150674962794&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=65448&hvnetw=o&hvqmt=e&hvtargid=kwd-83150967177498%3Aloc-190&hydadcr=21874_10484566&keywords=the+great+reset&qid=1685234430&sr=8-1

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